Sunday, April 20, 2014

R's & D's both Insist Debt Ceiling Must be Raised...

... But they disagree on the method!  See article on Biden working for solution.

Op-Ed - Boehner Bogus on Budget

Ruth Marcus - Opinion writer for the Washington Post, discusses -
"Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit"

She may agree with him on some things, but his facts on the budget are all wrong. 

Read Op-Ed Piece


Ryan Invites GOP Suicide

Here's a fun Op-Ed piece about the R's stance on Medicare and what it's doing to them, by Eugene Robinson of the WA Post.  Link


Paul Krugman: Clarifies GOP Extortion on Debt Ceiling

"...GOP leaders actually want the economy to perform badly" to make the President look bad.

Link to editorial

Sen Pridemore New Audit Committee Chair

49th LD Senator Craig Pridemore has been chosen as new chair of the State Legislature's Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee which conducts analyses of state programs.  Details Link

Clark County Democrats 3rd Annual Picnic

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Sarah "Open-Mouth-Insert-Foot" Palin Strikes Again...

Herrera Beutler Faced with Medicare at Town Hall

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler threw a Town Hall and everybody came.  The partisan crowd seemed to be overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic beliefs, like keeping Medicare intact, and People before Politics.  One man stood up and tried to tell her how the debt limit works because she obviously didn't understand it.  She didn't seem to alter her opinion.  Read The Columbian's good coverage story - See Link

Read the Columbian's Stephanie Rice' Followup on the critique by Herrrera Beutler's former principal - Link


Tough Talk from Sen. Sanders I-VT

Read Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders address to the Senate about the budget and the deficit - scathing!


Double Opportunity Sunday - Maria Cantwell & Tim Probst

Sen, Exec Brd & Guests

    Senator, Exec Brd & Guests                                  Iris, Maria, Sharon


                             Joyce Lindsey & Maria

Senator Maria Cantwell first met with the Clark County Democrats Executive Board and then with 75 citizens in an informal meet and greet on Sunday.  This was a real opportunity for local Democrats to ask questions and receive good answers.  The recurrent theme was jobs.  It's a huge need and a huge priority of our senator.

Tim Probst attended the Senator Cantwell event and keynoted his own event an hour later at Juliano's Pizza.  Here too the crowd was large and appreciative.  Tim recounted the difficulties and the successes of the recent legislative session.  

Mandatory Health Care OK says Carl Hiaasen


We have mandatory car insurance for good reason.  So why not mandatory Health care?, asks Carl Hiaasen.

Carl Hiaasen is a longtime reporter, novelist, and columnist poking at corruption, greed , and misdirection.

Link to Column

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