Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dwight Pelz Announcement & Medicare Website


Dear Democrat,

This morning, we launched a new website that we will use to fight the Republican assault on Medicare.

Please watch my announcement video below and visit our new site!

Republicans are sacrificing Medicare and the middle and lower classes for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

That's why everyday Americans disapprove of the Republican budget plan and its policies that will end Medicare as we know it. Republicans are paying the price for their policies -- they're losing elections and facing the backlash.

We will use this site to keep the momentum going and build grassroots support against the Republican budget plan and its destructive policies.

Join us in fighting the attack on Medicare at! On this site you can:

  • Sign up for email on Medicare
  • Follow Medicare-related news
  • Learn the facts behind the debate
  • Share your story about what the fight for Medicare means to you and read other stories
  • Volunteer
  • Download Save our Medicare logos and talking point sheets

This issue isn't going away! It will define 2011 politics and shape the 2012 elections. Join us in the fight to save Medicare today.


Dwight Pelz 
Washington State Democrats Chair

Follow us on:


CRC Decisions & Dynamics

Governors Gregoire and Kitzhaber held a press conference Mon 04/25/11 to announce the choice of a Columbia Crossing Bridge Design.  Selected was the Composite Truss Deck design.  It best met cost constraints and the federal window of opportunity for 1/3 funding.  The CRC project is now designated a model of design for the nation for this kind of project.  This solid decision step will permit the project to move into the construction phase the soonest, and further hindrances to construction are not expected.

The governors were joined by Portland and Vancouver civic leaders, city council members,  the Mayors,  Metro and County Commissioners, and State Reps.

The Columbian Article link

Gov Gregoire (Gov Kitzhaber behind her)                  Rep Moeller, Steve Horenstein, Comm Stuart 

WA State Democrats Meeting - Wenatchee

The Washington State Democratrs met for their quarterly meeting on Saturday April 29 in Wenatchee.  It's a shot in the arm - a transfusion of truth and energy - to hear our State Chair Dwight Pelz tell the truth about the Republican agenda and their very unhealthy directions.  The current disastrous moves are around the phony Ryan budget proposal and its associated decimation of Medicare.  All citizens must prevent losing Medicare.  A new website will be up soon -

In other news, the new Coordinated Coordinator has been hired on for 2012 and started work.  His name is Timothy Anderson and he is well qualified.

Watch this location for additional slides and iformation.

Representative Sharon Wylie Replacing Jim Jacks

04/13/11 - The commissioners have voted as of 12:00 PM today and Sharon Wylie is the new State Representative for the 49th LD.  She has graciously accepted and been sworn in.  A hearty thank you to all participants in this unusual and difficult process, especially the fine candididates.  Congratulations, Representative Wylie! Link to Columbian Link to 49th Rep

04/12/2011 -The nomination of 3 candidates was completed Monday April 11, 2011 by the 49th Elected PCO's.  Sharon Wylie, Temple Lentz, and Jeremy Zegas were selected and their names will be put before the Clark County Board of Commissioners as early as Wednesday. 

Associated stories are linked here at the 49th LDThe Columbian

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